E600 Mini Bullet Camera

The E600 Mini Bullet Camera features one of the highest resolutions and most durable designs while maintaining a light weight and compact size. This is the most versatile standard definition bullet camera available for harsh environment applications. The E600 Mini Bullet Camera offers true color reproduction technology which produces more natural and comfortable color for the human eye making it the best SD camera available on the market.

  • Outstanding Low Light Sensitivity
  • True Color Reproduction Technology
  • Ultra Clear Picture
  • Water Proof to IP68
  • Multiple user changeable lenses available!
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption and Wide Working Tolerance
  • Lens Options – 2.9 (please call), 3.7, 6.0, 8.0, 16 mm


High Resolution

With 600 TV Lines of resolution, the E600 is the highest resolution 1/3″ CCD bullet camera on the market. The E600 was designed specifically to record standard or high definition video with the Datatoys AirBoss Pro Digital Video Recorder, but can also be used with other recorders through a standard composite output.

Digital Noise Reduction

As light intensity decreases and the shutter speed slows, artifacts naturally appear in the video. The advanced noise filtering technology of the E600 Mini removes these artifacts and allows for clear image capture even in these low light scenarios.

Image Stabilization

Built-in electronic image stabilization provides a crisp stable image in the most vibration intense environments. After nearly a decade of developments in vibration mitigation and image stabilization, we are proud to offer one of the most stable solutions available.

Ultra Low Light Performance

Excellent low light performance is thanks to the Sony Super HAD II CCD sensor, 0.1 lux nativity and 0.00001 lux with sensitivity enhancement. Unlike other analog cameras available on the market, the E600 switches to single scan once the low light threshold is reached.