Marine Applications

Datatoys Video System has a number of solutions for the Marine industry. Customers can choose a single cable for both HD-SDI Video and Power for going through the smallest passages and holes to make running cabling a breeze. And when it’s time for the maintenance, Datatoys cables and cameras quickly come apart by the use of a special quick disconnect module. Specially designed for the Marine market, Datatoys cabling and cameras enhance the user experience while simplifying boat maintenance.

AirKnight HD Series

Full 1080p60 HD Marine video recorder designed for professional boating applications. Record one or two HD-SDI or HDMI Inputs to USB or SD or Switch between up to four HD-SDI cameras.

  • High Definition 1080p60.
  • GPS Data Recording and Overlay.
  • Record to USB or SD.
  • Marine-grade quick-connect single cable & camera solution.

Mil Spec Corsair™ DVR

Record Video & Audio from up to (4) four video sources in several configurations. Record full HD high definition up to 1080p30 and/or CVBS (RS170, RS170A, PAL and NTSC) with a true MILSPEC solid state shipborne and airborne military video recorder. The Corsair shares its technology with the DR.I™ and was built to Navy specs. It features dual CPUs with multiple encoders each.

Multi-View HD

Input four HD cameras and output a completely customizable Multi-View HD video stream to a recorder or monitor.

  • High Definition 1080p60 inputs.
  • Accepts SDI, HD-SDI, & 3G-SDI
  • Completely Customizable Output
  • 10-32VDC Wide Range Input

HD Mini Bullet Camera

The HD Mini Bullet Camera features full high definition 1080p resolution while being compact and durable.

  • Full 1080p30 through HD-SDI.
  • Fully Adjustable Settings.
  • Easy to Mount.
  • 6 Lens Options (20 to 115 degrees FOV)